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Water System Flushing

Our water system flushing occurs on the 2nd Thursday of each month. Because of the sediment this produces, clothes washing should be avoided on this day.

Open Houses

Contact a POA board member in advance and they will open the gate for that time period. Do not give the gate code to visitors.

Board Meetings for 2024:

February 8, 2024, BOD 2pm – 14875 Oak Shores Dr (Carlson)
April 11, 2024, BOD 2pm – 14688 Oak Shores Dr (Richardson)
June 20, 2024, BOD 2pm – 14769 Oak Shores Dr (Parks)
August 8, 2024, 2pm – 14688 Oak Shores Dr (Richardson)
October 10, 2024, BOD 2pm – 14769 Oak Shores Dr (Parks)
December 5, 2024, BOD 2pm – 14875 Oak Shores Dr (Carlson)

Member Meeting for 2024:

December 7, 2024 – 10:30 am – 14863 Oak Shores Dr (Doty)

Useful Telephone Numbers

  • Emergency 911
  • Sheriff: (936) 760-5800
  • Constable: (936) 539-7821
  • Fire Dept: (936) 856-5111
  • Animal Control: (936) 442-7738
  • Hays Utility (water): (936) 588-1166
  • Montgomery County Commissioner Precinct 1: (936) 539-7815

Area Information

Occasional Guest – Gate Keypad

Your Estate gate uses your existing telephone to let you talk with visitors and allow them access to your property if you so desire. A visitor is instructed to find your “name” on the system’s built-in electronic directory by using the A-Z buttons. Names are entered in the directory by last name and first initial. Your visitor may dial your home one of two ways, (1) by pressing the four (4) digit code you were assigned, or (2) by pressing the call button once the name has been highlighted. The system then dials your telephone number, which has already been programmed into the system’s memory, and your telephone will ring. The system will keep your number confidential. Upon answering the telephone, you will be in a normal conversation with the visitor. Be sure to speak clearly and strongly so the visitor can hear you over any noise near the gate. The call can last for up to 1 minute. After that period, the system will automatically end the call to ensure the system is available to other visitors. Starting approximately ten (10) seconds prior to the end of the call, you will begin to hear a short tone each second to signal you that the call is about to end. Once you have answered the call, you may take one of two actions: (1) dial a “9” to open the gate, or (2) dial a * to hang up without granting entry. You must use a tone dial telephone. Do not hang up until you make a selection. If you dialed a “9” the System will open the gate for a preset period of time. The system will also display the message “Open 1” and will emit either a series of rapid tones or 1 (one) long tone. You will hear these tones and then the system will hang up.

Reserve Studies of Projected Revenues/Expenses

These studies help project LWLC budgets and reserves for coming years. Latest Projections were done Fall of 2023. If asked for password, use the same for accessing our meeting minutes. View Here

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Useful Info

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