3 Responses to Lakewood on Lake Conroe POA – Construction Hours (proposed)

  1. Amy Requarth-Hammel says:

    First – when was this posted to the website? I did not receive any notification that this new proposal had been documented (last notification I received from an email from Pam – was that this was being worked).

    Second – can someone provide layman’s language on this proposals. Plus since this is a pretty big change is this going to be a vote by the neighborhood and part of the annual neighborhood meeting 12/11?

    Third – Please expand this with regards to planned and ACC approved Lot/Home improvement things.

    Fourth – this website is not secure – I had to bypass security requirements to open it

    • Dana Richardson says:

      I am sorry I did not see this until now. As you know, we allowed for discussion of this subject at the annual meeting. Hearing no objections, we have filed this with the county.

      • Dana Richardson says:

        Oh yeah, we have secured the website. I recommend contacting an ACC member to help on ACC topics. There are not any changes to restrictions in the pipeline.