Purpose and Duties of the Architectural Committee



November 12, 2021 (originally sent via email at 6:57a.m.)

Dear Neighbors,

The ACC is sending this letter / email as a friendly reminder of the purpose and duties of the Architectural Committee.

Our purpose is to maintain the beauty of Lakewood on Lake Conroe. We accomplish this by requiring applications (as written in the by-laws).

Below is just a sample of when an application is required. A good rule of thumb is if your work is on the outside of your home, you will need an application. Replacement of roofs, all painting to the outside, indow replacements, gutters, any relocation of septic systems / propane tanks, pool construction or renovations to pool. new or replacement of fences, driveway repairs or replacements, any added structures (garages, storage buildings, extensions to existing structures) any tree removal of a certain size (please refer to our By-Laws at Lakewoodonlakeconroe.com) major landscape and drainage overhauls.

Work on the interior of your home does not require an application unless there will be trailers, dumpsters, etc. needed while the work is in progress. You will need to get approval for that.

We apply these requirements to everyone who lives here, including ourselves. We follow the rules as they are currently written, to the best of our ability. We know there have been times when work was started at someone’s home and a Board Member has received a call asking what work is being done and if it was approved. Please, neighbors, call one of the ACC members, Not the Board Members. We will get the answer to you as soon as possible.

Please do not be offended if we ask a question or ask for more information when trying to approve your application. The more complete the application, the faster we can move forward with approval. Remember that the ACC has 30 days to respond with an answer to your application, so planning ahead helps. On very occasions has it ever taken 30 days. Please do not take it personally. We are volunteers and we are all doing our very best to keep Lakewood as beautiful as it was when all of us decided to buy our home and reside here. We understand that dates can change as far as workers are concerned. If you have received an approved application and the work has not begun on the dates listed on the application, please notify one of the ACC members and give the new start date, so that the application dates can be changed. If you have approved applications and there are ANY changes to the original application, we need to know as the approval will need to be reevaluated.

We thank you for understanding our purpose and duties and we look forward to working with everyone.


Alice Runkle, Lead Person

Vicki Parks

Michele Nissen

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